Be your own insperation with the Competancy Resume!

As a job seeker or an employer

The Competency Resume is the best solution for you!

Research shows that the weakest link in any job search is the lack of verifiable information in the recruitment process, and that’s why many good candidates go unnoticed due to a poor written resume that lacks information or because it ends up being buried under a pile of other resumes.
We at Tharwty understand the frustration individuals face trying to find their dream jobs, and we fully realize that the job/candidate search within the recruitment process is truly ineffective and is in most cases a waste of time and resources for recruiters. Yet, the recruitment industry still relies on the RESUME!
With focus and passion to help people and organizations realize their full potential, we at Tharwty are proud to introduce “We Competency Resume ™”, a Saudi patent that will revolutionize the recruitment industry and help job seekers find jobs faster and companies find the best talents…faster!

The Competency Resume™

Shows the key potential domains that will help place the candidate in the right organization holding the right role, and owning responsibilties that will unleash his/her potential.

A Saudi Patent Pending Product

We developed the Competency Resume after years of experience in recruitment, human resources and Psychometric Assessments.

Premium Quality

With our dedicated team, we ensure top quality of work throughout the whole development process ensuring your engagement and satisfaction.

Employers Love it

We shared the Competency Resume with many recruiters and employers in Saudi Arabia and they loved it because it cuts a lot of time and money from the employee search; unlike the traditional resume.

What are you waiting for?
Land your dream job NOW!

Entry Level Resume

Just getting started with your career?!

As an entry-level applicant, you are at a disadvantage due to your limited experience. However, we at Tharwty know that this does not mean you do not have what it takes! The Entry level Competency Resume will shed the light on your signature strengths & the most suitable careers for you, in a unique design using reliable HR assessments, thus making it easy for you to stand out & for employers to locate you.

499 SAR


Professional Level Resume

Do You Want That Promotion?

We understand! You have no time to work on a resume and you don’t know where to start; we got your back. We can provide a professional resume that showcases your strengths, competencies and best role for you when working in a team. We can even show you your potential profile to help you plan your career moves. Invest in your growth and get that job you’ve been dreaming about.

799 SAR


Executive Level Resume

Are you ready for your next adventure?

After all of these years of hard work, we understand that it might be difficult to organize your experiences as a journey that sets you up for your next “deserved” opportunity. We can help you prepare an executive resume that displays the highlights of your career, shows your top strengths and competencies that help present you in the best light for that dream opportunity. Prepare for your next adventure to create your legacy.

1499 SAR


Build a modern resume that shows your strengths!


Tharwty is a registered trademark for Tharwah Human Resources which is a Saudi boutique HR Consulting Firm founded with the vision to Empower the potential of people and organizations.